Pro Combo Kit (Nylon)

NS12SF-N  |  1/32″ and 2/32″ Nail Setters, Door Hinge Pin Punch and Nylon Hammer

HIT Tool Pro Combo Kit: This professional grade kit contains two 2-in-1 tools. The first is a dual tipped nail setter has a 1/32″ Nail Setter on one end and a 2/32″ Nail Setter on the other. The second tool has a Door Hinge Pin Punch on one end and a Nylon Hammer on the other.

Standard Applications: The versatile nail setter is designed to efficiently set and countersink finish nails and brads into wood surfaces. This tool used nail sizes for trim and finishing jobs. The 1/32” (#1) head is for smaller pin nails while the 2/32” (#2) tip targets finish nails/brads. The Door Hinge Pin Punch quickly removes hinge pins from door hinges, while the Nylon Hammer allows precise striking force to replace hinge pins without damaging trim or doors.