Center Punch and Nail Setter

CP0NS2 | 3/16″ Punch and 2/32″ Setter

Dual Tipped Center Punch and spring loaded nail set tool: This 2-in-1 tool has a 3/16” Center Punch on one end and 2/32″ Nail Setter on the other. The 3/16” Center Punch makes shallow, wide indentations to guide drills and screws in metal and wood surfaces. The 2/32″ spring nail set tool is designed to efficiently set and countersink finish nails and brads into wood surfaces.

Standard Applications: This versatile hammerless nail set punch combines two essential tools for finishing work. The Center Punch enables highly visible, centered marks to guide drilling and screwing into multiple surfaces. nail set and counter punch Prevent your drill from “walking” and ensure a quality alignment the first time, every time.