#1 Nail Starter and Setter

NSTRT1 | #1 Starter and 1/32″ Setter

Dual Tipped Nail Starter and Nail Setter: This 2-in-1 tool has a Nail Starter on one end and a 1/32″ Nail Setter on the other. The Nail Starter is designed to start finish nails and brads, while the 1/32″ Nail Setter efficiently sets and countersinks these into wood surfaces.

Standard Applications: This versatile tool combines two essential tools for finishing work, providing the ability to start and then set nails and brads with one tool. The hammerless design eliminates divots created by hammers that can mar your baseboards, base shoe moldings, crown molding, or window and door case moldings. This compact tool also fits in spaces conventional hammers and nail guns cannot, addressing hard to reach spaces with ease.